Alma’s Experience at the 2014 International Day of the Girl Events


International Day of the Girl

I was interested in participating in International Day of the Girl for multiple reasons. One of them was having the opportunity to meet youth from other countries. I haven’t had the chance to travel outside the U.S so I always find it interesting to learn someone else’s culture through a first person interaction. Another reason was being able to share why investing in girl’s education mattered. I didn’t grow up in the best household but education positively influenced me. Education gave me something to look forward to and I came across educators that believed in my potential, which in turn gave me the confidence to succeed. I feel that the same trend can be repeated world wide when girls are given a fair shot at education.


The activities I was able to partake included being the Emcee for the Be Bold Youth Leadership Event and sharing how I was bold at the Because I am Girl Gala. I was so glad I was also able to emcee the event along with Kyle and Ari one of the girl’s I met at the YUGA Summit in 2013. It was my first time emceeing and I’m glad was able to do that with amazing people. One of the events all of the youth ambassadors participated in was the pink lighting of the Empire State Building in honor of International Day of the Girl. We all got to take pictures with Julianne Hough during the event. There were so many photographs that I almost felt blind afterwards but we had so much fun!


Life Map

An activity that made a lasting impact to me was when the group of youth and chaperones shared their life map. A life map is made out of a series of key events that has impacted you as a person or has led you to where you are today. Parts of our lives were hard to share with others but I feel that we felt closer as a group afterwards. I will always remember this because sharing your life map is way of sharing a part of you with others.

Promoting Gender Equality

I learned that one of the ways to promote gender equality is through the media, storytelling, and one on one interaction with others. When I think about media the movie Girl Rising comes to mind. Girl Rising is about 9 girls who share the struggles they face while trying to attain an education. I feel that whoever watches this movie is immediately transformed and inspired to work towards gender equality. Storytelling and one on one interaction go in hand. Rabia and Lydia (Pakistan and Ugandan Delegates) come to mind when I think about this. Rabia shared her own experience with gender inequality in her country during her speech at the gala. I remember how Lydia was sharing her experiences one on one at some of the events I attended. I think that when the stories come from people that experienced the issues girls face, then people really start to listen.


Ambassadors from Other Countries

While heading to the hotel my chaperone, Laura, told me my roommate was going to be Lydia from Uganda. I was so excited to meet her but after her long flight I would not be able to formally meet her until the following day. While putting my stuff away in the room Lydia woke up and jumped excitedly to greet me. Her energy was contagious and it was a start to wonderful week. When we had free time we would exchange music. I found it interesting how we liked some of the same music. I introduced her to some of the songs I liked and vice versa.

Another fun thing about interacting with youth ambassadors from Uganda and Pakistan was trying to learn their language. Sadrack and Lydia taught me phrases in their dialect and I learned some words from the Rabia and Sunaina. We had a lot of fun together and I simply loved learning from them.


Get Involved!

There’s different ways others can get involved with International Day of the Girl. IDG is day where Plan and other organizations raise awareness about the challenges girls face around the world. Some of the ways you get involved is by showing others the Girl Rising movie, using the annual hash tag provided by Plan, and attending the annual Because I am a Girl Fundraising Gala.

Sara: YUGA was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life…

Sara Samir, 14, USABefore I went to the summit, I was just an adolescent interested in making a change in the world. I was not greatly educated about global issues prior to this week. This leadership summit changed that for me. I was not only educated on global issues, but I was also taught the steps and techniques to change and help solve them. In addition to acquiring this useful information, I also created many relationships with people that will support me in pursuing my goals. I was initially struck by the openness and friendliness of the counselors and directors. The bonds that evolved with my like minded peers will stay with me forever. This week absolutely exceeded my expectations.

As a part of the youth myself, I feel that it is essential for young people to know about and take action on global issues. Young people have unique opinions which should be taken into consideration; organizations such as YUGA allow these ideas to be heard. In addition, the youth tend to be energetic and determined, which will ultimately result in successful outcomes. Social media is now a key component of communication in today’s society and young people are constantly using it, so they will easily be able to spread ideas and make others aware of global issues. We, as the youth are the people that will have to deal with the effects of these issues so it is vital that we learn how to solve them, so we will not have to live with the negative outcomes of these problems.

For young people like me interested in global issues there are many actions you can take. It is always very important to stay up to date with what is going on in the world. Reading and watching the news is absolutely necessary to do if you are interested in global issues. YUGA provides young people with an ample amount of information to start to approach creating change on a global level. The two YUGA campaigns, Because I Am A Girl and Walk4Wells,  both pinpoint two extremely important global issues that the participants of YUGA are helping to change. Walk4Wells helps to build wells in less fortunate countries where the people have an inadequate clean water supply. Because I Am A Girl helps raise awareness of the problem of gender inequality, and it helps to make improvements on girls’ lives, giving them access to protection, school, skills and livelihoods. These two campaigns are just a couple of the many things YUGA does in order to take action on global issues. YUGA teaches you how to start a YUGA chapter in your school, how to start and organize a campaign, and gives you the opportunity to apply for several conferences where your voice will be heard. In conclusion, this experience was invaluable and I am grateful to YUGA for giving me the opportunity to make the world a better place.



rachelle: the fire within youth

20140729_YUGA_569As youth, we have a unique perspective on the world. Though most of us have not spent more than 16 or 17 years on this earth, we possess a fire within us and a sense of adventure. We set outstanding goals and believe anything is possible. We come in willing to learn and absorb all that we can. “No” is the fuel to our fire. There may be obstacles set in front of us and all the odds stacked against what we are fighting for, but some way we find it in us to keep fighting and pushing.

Photo: Rachelle poses with a sign she created as part of a “Girls Speak Out” activity. Her words, and the words of other young women at the Summit, will be submitted to the United Nations to become a part of the momentum for change at International Day of the Girl (October 11, 2014).

If people don’t invest in the youth now, and if the youth don’t act now to educate themselves soon, there cannot be a bright future. It is important that young people acquire a voice and knowledge of global issues so we can ensure that the world will be the way we want it. If we are in touch with the world and know about the issues, our voice can make a difference.

I got involved in a YUGA club at my school in my freshman year. I was concerned about global issues, but I didn’t know too much about them or where to start.

Fast forward to now, I am going to be a junior and the president of my school’s YUGA club. Being in a YUGA club, I have learned so much about global issues and I have grown to enjoy learning about the world around me and different cultures. But going to the YUGA Summit was a whole new experience. I hoped to become a leader, find my voice, and be able to stand out in the crowd. Within the span of the 5-day Summit, I can say I have done all of these things and the fire within me has grown and my voice is growing louder.

I witnessed a spark in every one of the Summiters. There is a whole network of amazing youth who have the passion and fire within them. They harvest this flame and focus it on global issues. It was amazing to see a group of people my age that actually cared about things bigger than twitter and hanging out with their friends. The youth involved in YUGA are enthusiastic, passionate, eager to learn, and ready to take action to make a difference in the world around them.


Rachelle (left) and Nicole (right) present their solutions to the challenge of finding clean water at this year’s YUGA Leadership Summit.

Along with the Summiters, there is a community of adults who believe in youth. They are there to help mold and guide them into the leaders and pioneers of change that they need to be. Most important, there is an organization, Plan International USA, who sees the potential youth can have to bring new insights to discussions about world issues and decision making processes.

Everyone has the drive in them, yet some may not know how to embrace it, or what to do with it. Others may be scared to speak up because they believe their voice alone can’t make a change. But the first and most important thing youth can do is find others that will support what they believe in. A group of people that band together and back each other up can make all the difference and help others realize their true power. No matter the size of the group, everyone must have the excitement and passion to take action, which can make all the difference. The support you need is out there, like the adults in YUGA who know the importance of youth empowerment and see the power of young peoples’ voices.

After becoming passionate about something, youth immediately gather their peers and educate them. Their passion becomes contagious.

Youth can create change with a different attitude that adults would. Youth are the ones with the fire in them, want to improve the world they live in and crave change.

To all youth interested in global issues: You need to use your passion to be proactive. You can be the change. You must have the fire within you and the desire to learn.